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How are Donations Used?      

All donations will go directly towards providing support and resources to children and families with complex medical needs.  Individual scholarships will be provided to children and families to off-set expenses that are traditionally not covered by health insurance plans.  In addition, facility scholarships will be provided to locations that serve children with complex medical needs, including schools, daycares, libraries, and other public community spaces. Your donations will provide local families with:

Medical and Adaptive Equipment

Typical health insurance plans only cover the very basic medical and adaptive equipment determined to be necessary for children with complex medical needs. Supplies and equipment, determined to be “optional” by health plans are often items used most frequently by caregivers.  Crucial items that promote health and wellness for children with medical complexities, such as gloves, hand sanitizer, detergent, and household cleaning products are not covered.  Some items may be covered, although stringent criteria placed by insurance companies drastically limit the amount families are able to receive.

The needs of children with medical complexities often change over time. Unfortunately, insurances typically do not allow for more than one piece of adaptive equipment within a specific time frame.  If these children outgrow the provided equipment, prior to the timeframe dictated by their insurance company, families may need to purchase specialized equipment out of pocket. 

Travel Expenses

Families with medically complex children often are required to make frequent trips to and from Children’s Hospitals and doctor appointments.  Travel expenses can accrue quickly, including gas, tolls, and hotels, placing a financial burden on families. 

Personal Care/Comfort Items

When spending extended periods of time in a children’s hospital, everyone deserves to be comfortable. Items such as warm blankets, cozy toys, coloring books, movies and video games can make a world of difference for children and their caregivers. Your donation could provide a child with a fuzzy friend to cuddle during medical procedures or long inpatient hospital stays.

Some children require specialty clothing to accommodate medical devices, such as gastro-intestinal tubes, tracheostomies, colostomy bags, orthopedic orthoses, or prosthetics.  These articles of adaptive clothing are often difficult to come by and typically expensive.

Educational Materials

Siblings, family members, and friends of children with complex medical needs often have a lot of questions pertaining the special aspects of their loved one that appears different from themselves.   Age-appropriate educational materials, such as books and movies, are critical in promoting awareness, inclusion, and acceptance.

Thank you Donors! 

We would like to express the most sincere gratitude for our donors! Growing Wildflowers would not be possible without the support from all of our donors. 

A special “Thank you” to our partners, who have hosted a fundraiser event and/or collaborated with Growing Wildflowers to raise funds for scholarships.